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i'm amy. arkansas native. wife. aspiring baker. friend. first time mama at 41 years old.
lover of jesus, daily walks + chocolate.

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tiny easter nests

These tiny Easter nests were fun to make, and they added a festive detail to our Easter table. They require absolutely no baking and minimal assembly. If you can use the microwave, you can make these adorable and tasty treats!

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white chocolate pretzels

My niece, Alissa Grace, spent the afternoon with us. I thought it would be fun to celebrate Spring by creating a tasty treat. There is nothing more simple to make than chocolate-covered pretzels. The fun thing about this recipe is…

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wedington wildlife management area

There are thousands upon thousands of acres in Northwest Arkansas available to the general public to explore, hike, and even hunt. Because Jeremiah is an avid hunter, he likes to look for new public land areas that might interest him…

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watercolor easter eggs

If you are looking for a fun and easy activity to do with your toddler, this is for you! Grab some watercolors and let your little one “get to work” on some hard-boiled eggs. Watercoloring is simple and completely impossible…

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